My name is Dr. Steve Miletto, the Executive Director of the Heart of Georgia RESA. I have been in public education for over 29 years serving families as a classroom teacher, assistant principal, and principal. I was a 2007 Atlanta Braves and AT&T Educator of the Year, 2009 Georgia Principal of the Year, and 2010 Finalist for National Principal of the Year (one of three). I am focused on bringing resources to our teachers, administrators, schools, and school districts.

I enjoying using social media to connect our communities and to provide access to resources.

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I am also a huge fan of leadership gurus John Maxwell and Patrick Lencioni. If you have never read a John Maxwell book, I encourage you to start with Thinking for a Change and another amazing book to read is by Patrick Lencioni, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. 

Looking for a couple of awesome, helpful instructional books? Check out Laura Robb's Vocabulary is Comprehension or Dave Burgess' Teach Like a Pirate.

Jeremy Adams is a teacher who has a written a couple of amazing books: The Secrets of Timeless Teachers and Full Classrooms, Empty Selves.

Looking for a great blog about interactive notebooks? Check out Lynda William's Excellence in Teaching Science

In a scene from the Pixar movie Toy Story 2, the new Buzz Lightyear (watch the movie you will understand) along with the other toys is trying to rescue Woody from the Toy Collector. Buzz is climbing the wall of an elevator shaft with the other toys in tow on a rope. He is struggling to make any progress, when he suddenly thinks that he could try to approach the problem differently. He announces, "I'm going to let go of the wall." His new approach succeeds and the toys rescue Woody.
I absolutely love this scene.

If you think of walls as the excuses that we make to not be able to be successful...what walls could you let go of? Hmmm?

Say it with me...
No walls.

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No walls!