Thursday, January 5, 2017

My New YouTube site


I have created a new YouTube site and I hope that you will check it out.
It is a long story why I needed to create a new one but I did.

My YouTube channel is a series of book reviews (education and leadership) as well as tips for the classroom.

Now that the holidays are gone, I will be back on track with at least one new video a week.
I choose books to review that I have read and used. I look for books that are easy to read and to put to use.

I hate the number of books that say they are there to help but you need a translator or three PhDs to understand the point. By the way, I do not receive payment for reviewing books. These are all books that as an experienced teacher and educational leader I believe are helpful and useful for teachers and building level administrators.

I would love to have new subscribers and hope that you will share.
Please stop by my YouTube Channel today.

By the way, I am also on Instagram and Twitter as well as Pinterest and don't forget to check out my audio podcast on iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher and other platforms. See the links on the sidebar of this blog for connecting with the podcast on those sites or follow this link Teaching Learning Leading K12 to go to the host site.

Have a great week!