Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lisa Woodruff Helps Us Get Our Pile Making Under Control

Are you a Born to Make Piles Person? 

Ok, if you can't admit it, I will. 

I was Born to Make Piles. 

I might have gotten better over time, but I still excel at making piles. The worst thing about those piles is that they build and grow and even have a life of their own. 

Recently, I had a chance to talk with someone who calls herself a Born Organized Person. Her name is Lisa Woodruff. She is the CEO of She is a professional organizer and she has some great ideas to help get you out from under those piles.

I should know not only did I talk to her but I took her advice. 

I have removed my archaeological dig site from my desk, my work table, and my bookcases. Now I am working my way through those piles and getting rid of all of that stuff that I thought that I just had to keep. (That was difficult. There was this voice that kept telling me, "Hey! You might need that one day!") 

Lisa has her Sunday Basket Strategy as well as her 40 Weeks Whole House Challenge to get you committed to cleaning up and getting rid of those unsightly piles of stuff and junk. 

Will you take her challenge and change you? 

First, listen to Episode 82 of my podcast and then go to Lisa's website. After that, check out her podcast and her FaceBook group. You will thank me. 

Take Lisa's challenge and clean up.