Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Teaching Demands Relationship Building

Relationships are everything in schools. 

Listen to Rita talk from the heart about kids and relationships. 

After listening, I challenge you to reflect on your classroom. Could you do better? Have you made the effort to connect with the toughest of the tough? 

Teaching is fun because of the kids not in spite of the kids. 

Rita's message is inspiring and no matter how the political climate may have you down. No matter how much you may be thinking about early retirement. Rita's message will remind you of why you became a teacher. If you haven't taught, you will know why you want to be a teacher.  

There are very few professions that can say that they make the impact that teachers do, maybe a family practitioner or a doctor delivering a baby, but teachers can make positive, lifelong connections, if you try.

Take Rita's words to heart- You make a difference!