Tuesday, August 25, 2015

3 Scents that Always Make Me Think of School

School is back in session and often my brain will recall scents, smells, or odors that were always a part of my school days. 

Do you have any? 

Some of these no longer exist in schools and some have new scents that have replaced the old ones, but, no matter what, these are stuck in my memories. 

As a result, if I happen to  run into one these odors, my brain races back to those days of being with teachers, friends, and learning math, science, history, English and having fun on the playground.

Come on you know what I am talking about. 

Here are a few examples- school paper towels, yeast rolls, brand new textbooks, chalk, new pencils, pencil sharpeners (hand operated), bus diesel, bus seats, wax on the floors, and there are so many more.

Do you have any?

Here are three of my favorite-

1. Freshly, mowed yard

2. Damp, purple copies from a duplicator

3. School Paste with that minty freshness (didn't eat it, myself, but I sure had friends who enjoyed a good paste snack now and then)

So, how about you? 

What scents bring back those days of school?