Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Principals-5 Things to do Before Next School Year

The last bell has rung, the kids are gone and all of the staff are leaving the parking lot...Before you go home start with these suggestions...

1.     Close Your Door and Take a Deep Breath and think about what worked and what didn’t work. Make sure that you have something to write these ideas on. Put them on a whiteboard, poster paper, in a journal, whatever your poison is just write them down and don’t take shortcuts…It is important otherwise the thoughts will disappear. You are at your best when you are by yourself and able to ask you these questions:

a.     What was awesome about this year?
b.     What wasn’t?
c.      What could I do better next year?
d.     What should I challenge myself to deal with?
e.     If my kids were in my school what would I change to address their needs?

2.     Now it’s time to Rock!!! Go do something to recharge those batteries…spend time with your family at your favorite vacation spot, fish, camp, take pictures with Buzz Lightyear, enjoy some awesome movies, read some escape books, there are a million things that I haven’t even come close to mentioning. No matter what take a break. Work will be waiting. Believe me it will still be there when you get back…It is time to have fun!

3.     You are back at work…take out your list and responses that you wrote down just before you let loose…
a.     What are your answers to these questions…?
b.     Do you still think that they are valid?
c.      What resources do you need to address them?
d.     Who can you enlist to assist you in doing what needs to be done?
e.     Do you have plans to create celebrations for what was good?
f.       Do you have plans to break down what didn’t work and try to make sure that the mistakes aren’t repeated?

4.     Focus on your team…You do have a team don’t you?
a.     A team meets. Team members watch out for each other. A team does things together and enjoys interacting with each other.
b.     A team argues without hate.
c.      A team works for a common cause.
d.     A team cries together and laughs together.
e.     A team member steps in to help without being asked.
f.       A team member values the other team members.
g.     Opinions are valued.
h.     If you are questioning whether you truly have a team…here are two books you must read now: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni and The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork by John Maxwell.
i.        Get to work on building that team…

5.     Whether you are in an elementary, middle, or high school. Promise yourself to randomly pull a few kids names and follow their class schedule during the year. See what it is like to be a student in your school and then ask yourself… What do I need to change? This will refocus you on what truly matters.

Soon it will be time for the teachers to return… Start now before you are distracted and wonder… “What was I going to do?”