Thursday, February 5, 2015

Engaging Kids From the Beginning of Class

The opening of class is just like the opening act in a novel.
Something has to happen to grab the attention of the reader or the brain wants to close the book and do something else.

What makes something engaging? 

Is it starting with calling role? 

Waiting while the teacher distributes papers? 

Or does it have something to do with starting class with something…something that ignites  the brain …something that puts it to work and creates that spark that makes some kids go…Hey this is cool!

Check out this video by with Lodge McCammon talking about using music and movement to help the kids get engaged! What a wow way to start class!

Think about your class…

How do you start the time that you have the kids…do you lull them into submission or do you have some question or activity that makes them want to know more?

Here are some resources that may help you with this…

Check out …

Lodge McCammon’s music in the class lessons…

How about…
Chapter 3-Success Starters: Sparking Student Success Right Away in Learning in the Fast Lane by Suzy Pepper Rollins

Listen to Suzy talk about Learning in the Fast Lane on my podcast Episode 43.

Here are other resources:

Listen to Episode 12 of my podcast an interview with Darby Jones talking about Improving Education Through the Arts

Time to get the brains going…spark the flames and add some activity or movement or thought provoking challenges at the beginning of class…

Take the challenge and ask yourself, “So what can I do to get them into the lesson just as soon as class starts?"