Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Are you registered to vote?

This November is a very important election in Georgia and across our nation. 

This fall Georgia will elect a Governor and a State School Superintendent as well as others. 

Public education has been under attack for decades but more so recently. Teachers, school administrators, and school system leaders have been asked to do more than ever with so much less. If you complain, do you vote? Do you participate in the election process? 

The best way to participate is to voice your educated point of view through your vote. In Georgia the last opportunity to register to vote is October 6th

So what are you waiting for? Get registered and then look for information about candidates. Don’t just vote without knowing the candidates and their platforms. 

Valerie Wilson                                Richard Woods

This week I will post a podcast (see link ) with the two candidates for state school superintendent (Valerie Wilson and Richard Woods) talking about the coming election. 

Hope that you will listen and share. Also, check out the links to other information about candidates that I have included.

Remember your vote matters but you have to be registered…so make sure that you are registered by October 6th.

Here are some links to candidate information:

Georgia My Voter Page has info about how to register to vote.