Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Teachers: 4 Ways to Start the School Year Right

Do you know what you will do on the first day of school?

What will you emphasize?

Will you give a major assignment right off the bat?

Will you spend all of your time doing paperwork?

Here are four ways to start the school year right!

#1: Greet them at the door with a smile.

There is no other way! Learning is fun!

#2: Start learning and using their names.  

Start with a seating chart. Have them find their seats as they enter. Their names are on their desks. Then give each one a popsicle stick. Have them write their name on it and then give back to you. You will use this later. See previous blog posts (July 2nd and July 8th) and listen to episode 27 of my podcast for info on how to do this.

#3: Go over your routines and procedures.

Each day spend some time with these…know what your routines and procedures are…Listen to my podcast episode 22, episode 23, and episode 24 for some thoughts on this from veteran teachers.

Make sure that you have thought about when class starts what do they do?

Turning in homework, Going to the bathroom, I’m late to class, I’m absent one day from class…

There are many you could have…just start with the major ones…

Don’t threaten them…

Let them know your rules…No more than five…

Make sure that they understand your expectations…

If you are in need for assistance with this…

Great ideas!

#4: A Fun activity that introduces them to your 


Have something fun for them to do from your first unit. 
No matter what your subject.  No matter what the age.  

Don’t introduce them to your class by boring them to death or making them hate your subject by giving them an impossible task.
Make them go... Wow! ...on the first day…and make them look forward to part two!

Check out Pinterest…Just search for First Day of School Activities and you will find that many of your colleagues have provided cool ideas for starting the year off right!

Four Ways to Start The Year Off Right!