Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tuesday, July 22nd is the run-off for State School Superintendent...Take time to Vote!

Elections are Very Important! Especially this one!

You need to take time to be there...your vote matters...but don't just vote...know who you are voting for and whether he or she actually supports public schools.

If you haven't thought about this...take a look at this clip and then visit the Georgia My Voter Page

There are four candidates for State Superintendent of Schools in GA. 

Here is a link to a page called project Vote Smart which gives you some background information on each candidate as well as links to their web pages. 

Don't miss voting. 

You can still vote early if you won't be in town on Tuesday. 

When you go to the Georgia My Voter Page it has a link to tell you where you can vote early. 

Most places are available until 5 PM this Friday.

The future of our schools is in your hands. 

Please get involved. Vote as an informed voter!

Thank you!