Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Classroom Tip: Popsicle Sticks and Learning the Kids Names Part 2

If you don't know my name...how can you help me learn?

This week’s podcast, Episode 27: Learning and Using Kids’ Names (look at the right column of this blog for the links to go there and listen) is all about the need to learn the names of the kids and to use them.

Last week’s blog post introduced using popsicle or craft sticks to help you learn and use the kids’ names.

Today’s entry is a continuation of the popsicle theme with some other ideas for using the sticks to help with understanding student progress. (Formative Assessment).

The sticks coupled with mini-whiteboards and a teacher made chart are extremely useful for helping the teacher develop an understanding of who is getting the content and who isn't.  

Take a look at the pictures I have included.  Take a mini-whiteboard (Look in my archives and you will learn how to make these) and draw a quick chart that will allow you to use the sticks to remind you of the performance level of the kids.(Remember to keep this out of their sight because information about each individual is not to be shared with anyone but who the commentary is about.)

The teacher has a quick way of keeping track of student progress. Then the information can be transferred to a paper or electronic chart after the teacher has visited each kid and made an observation about their level of understanding.

How many different ways could you create to make use of the sticks for learning names and helping you get feedback? Three? Four? Ten? I'll bet you could put these sticks, whiteboards and charts to great use in your classes.

So what are you waiting for? 

Go get the sticks and get to know your kids!