Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Teachers: 3 Actions you should take before school starts, again



Think about what went well this year and what didn't. Be critical. How could you improve your work with the kids? Is there something that would help you expand your teaching skills during the break? Maybe taking a look at becoming better at using formative assessment for monitoring progress, maybe re-visiting the way you engage the kids, how about learning a little more about the interactive board and the ways to get the kids up and out of their seats…what do you think? Take time to write these down while specific events and children’s names are fresh in your mind.


It is difficult working with many children and their needs all year long. The kids need a teacher who has taken some time for herself. So now it is time to recharge your batteries. Spend time with your family. Go somewhere. Do something. When was the last time you went to the beach or the mountains or how about Disney World? You need some time for yourself so…like Nike says…Just Do It!


Now that your batteries are ready to go again, revisit your notes and reflections and take action. Spend time learning…spend time creating activities based upon what you learned…get ready for the new year and the great bunch of kids that are headed your way!

Smile!!! Its going to be a great year!!!