Monday, April 28, 2014

Teachers: Three more ways to drive your principal nuts...but for good reasons!

Okay ... I shared a few ways to drive your principal nuts...Each one was real. Each one was a teacher getting the kids into the lesson or excited about learning. Don't know if you liked them or not but here are three more...once again all very real...only their names have been removed ...

Scavenger Hunt

You have a scavenger hunt that ties into your lessons and requires the students to find the principal and ask her a question and her answer is recorded for the data collection.   They have to find her throughout the day and she has to sign off. Soon the principal starts feeling like she is being stalked...The principal has everyone with a walkie-talkie letting her know when the kids are seen so as to give advanced come another group of kids...I wonder what their question will be?!

Writing Practice

To practice getting better at persuasive writing you have your 130 students write on the following topic and then send them to the principal. (This is not meant to be subversive.) Topic: Seniors should have special privileges. To make it even better the kids place these on post cards and mail them to the principal. The post card requires the kids to be short and concise. Mailing them is a special touch as it allows for several to arrive at one time, then trickle in, and then finally a mass delivery!

Geology is Fun!

As a geology major you have many ideas about getting the kids in your science classes to understand and want  to learn more about earth structures. You create an activity which requires the kids to dig holes on the school grounds to collect samples and then bring the samples into the classroom. They are then expected to create a method of sharing their findings with the class. The day that they dig just happened to follow a major rain storm. There is mud everywhere. You can follow the tracks and know where every student walked. The classroom has layers of mud in different areas as you forgot to think about whether the kids would need to clean off their shoes or leave their digging tools get the picture... Awesome event! The kids have fun! But the custodians are not pleased....