Thursday, January 16, 2014

Communicating with Parents and Students: The Fabulous Free Blog

Want to help your parents help you with their kids?

Use a blog!

Take a look at the following reasons!

 1. You can place your assignments for the whole semester, if you are that prepared.

 2. You can place your class notes there.(If you have a SMART board or some other interactive white board... you can actually select sections from your notes, save them, and send them to your blog.)

3. How about this, you can record yourself (Flipping the Classroom)and post a version of your lesson where you explain what you will do in class tomorrow or what you did in class today. 

4. You can place helpful links. 

5. You can post audio recordings. 

6. You can place your syllabus, your calendar, your project instructions, your supply list, etc.,  etc., etc. 

 As a parent...the most helpful teachers were those who kept up their blogs. It meant that I knew that my kids had homework and I knew when it was due... It meant that I could refer them back to the teacher's instructions or helpful hints or links and videos...Wow!!! (Come know what I mean...almost every parent has to have had this conversation...

How was school?
Do you have any home work? 
Not really? 
Lets go check the blogs...
rats,...forgot about that...

Cool, huh?

Talk about an excellent resource.
 Soooo....What are you waiting for?!
There are 1000's of teachers blogging everyday!
Its easy!
There are many free blog sites...I have already done the Google search for you!
Follow this link....

 Here are some teacher blogs to look at...

Have fun! But don't put it off...go, go, go!!!