Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Teachers and students using white boards for instant feedback on understanding!

In the previous post, I shared how to create your own white boards for class use. I also shared links to several great blogs on types of quick assessments that can be generated during class to get to the point of understanding how much the individual students are actually getting the content. Here are a couple of videos that show teachers using white boards during their class discussions and activities. Take a look and think about how you could incorporate this strategy in your class to get feedback from the kids and use that feedback to adjust your instruction.

This first example...the teacher explains how he uses Cornell notes then he talks about guided practice. This is where you get to see how he uses the small whiteboards. Click on the link.

In this example the teacher uses the strategy of think-pair-share coupled with small whiteboards to get feedback about group success. Click on the link.

In this next video, this teacher explains how she has organized the way the kids get the whiteboards and how she keeps track of the pens...Great idea that the kids came up with... Check it out!

Here is a teacher explaining how to use the mini-white boards as a tool for reading instruction.
These are great inexpensive tools for figuring out what your students do or do not understand. I hope that you will try using them! Have fun!