Thursday, November 14, 2013

Look at what is new...a podcast!

We are now producing a podcast at HGRESA. It is called Teaching Learning Leading K-12. The goal is to eventually publish weekly except for major school holidays. I will be interviewing people who have information that is useful to all K-12 educators. Most of these interviews will be no longer than 25 minutes which hopefully means that you could download an episode and listen to us as you exercise or drive to or from work. Notice that under the the title header on this blog there is a home, about, and now a podcast page. The newest podcast will be placed on the front page of the blog in the right hand column. All podcasts with liner notes will be placed on the podcast page. I hope that you will subscribe and tell others about our production. Remember that it is called Teaching Learning Leading K12. It is hosted at and soon will be located on I-Tunes. A special thanks to David Rogers our Technical Producer (who also puts up with me and my ideas) who has made an idea a reality! Also thanks to Dana Sheffield and Rick Mitchell for voicing our intro and outro. Finally, I need to say thank you to Ben Sheffield who created the song Yeah, Yeah for us. You can find more of his music at
Thanks for listening.