Monday, October 7, 2013

What a small world!!! Too Cool!

The coolest thing happened the other day. I met a student who had recently moved to one our school systems. He had moved from an area where I knew some of the teachers and staff. I asked him to name one of the teachers he liked.

He didn't hesitate. He immediately exclaimed, Mr. L!

There was energy in his voice! He smiled! He gushed about how Mr. L made him feel welcome. He recalled how no matter what his day was like he  looked forward to being in Mr. L's classroom! The imagery he used, evoked a kid who knew that even though he struggled with the subject, he believed that he would eventually be successful in Mr. L's class. He knew Mr. L believed in him.


The positive impact that we have on kids is so incredible. It is soooo easy to be engulfed by the forest that we miss the trees. BL is Mr. L. He has the ability to make a half empty glass seem full. He makes the sun shine for his kids! How?!

He sees them as his kids! This is his magic!

How about you? Do you have that magic?

Take a deep breath...remember... as life gets difficult...
You make a difference in a child's life and future!!!
There are very few careers that have such a lasting impact!
No matter what grades. No matter where you teach.
You can make a difference by believing, encouraging, and helping them achieve their dreams!