Tuesday, October 15, 2013

HGRESA on Pinterest

Did you know that we are on Pinterest?
Most definitely!
I pin and re-pin content at www.pinterest.com/smiletto

Pinterest is amazing! Teachers and other educators have created content to help all in the classroom!

Are you looking for ideas to create engagement? You can find so, so, so very many on Pinterest!

Are you looking for templates, classroom organization ideas, unit planning help, instructional strategy help, and so many other topics? Well, you can find it on Pinterest. I currently have 12 boards. My topics range from Teaching Vocabulary, Planning and Instructional Strategies, Fun Food For the Classroom, The Classroom, Writing( help suggestions) to content on Going to College, Leadership and using Social Media.

 I hope that you will take time to stop by!

I am constantly looking for ways to help classroom teachers, administrators, all educators, and all leaders.

Pinterest is cool and an amazing tool for school! Check it out!