Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Teaching Over 40 Years!!!! Another Awesome Teacher: AH

AH has been teaching for over 40 years!

Yes...You heard me correctly...Over 40 years!

She was a social studies teacher who now works with ESOL students.
She has taught in the same community for the whole time and only one year was she not at the same school.

What is sooooo amazing about AH is that she never loses her focus on the needs of the kids.

She has spent her career helping kids achieve their dreams.

Over her many years she has learned how to push them to do more. She has learned to push them to want more. She has pushed them to not make excuses! She has pushed them to want to dream about tomorrow.

She is a master teacher who knows that  nothing is impossible.

How about you?

In this world of political talk...It is easy to want to give up.
According to so many...teaching is easy...(it is ok to roll your eyes...)
AH would tell you it is exhausting...especially working with kids who are as many as 5 years behind in all academic development...

Yet, AH has found the elixir to keep going...and keep focused on the kids...
It is...after all...just about them...

Stay the distance...
There is nothing better than helping a child understand and learn...

Wow!! It is soooooo cool when you know that light bulb comes on and they go...I got this!!!

If you are a high school teacher, the best thing is to watch them walk across the stage and receive their diploma. (Nothing better!)

Take time to re-energize...AH has done so for her 40+ years... I'll bet you can...
Enjoy helping the kids...of all ages learn and understand...

Kudos to you!
You are teachers!