Friday, August 9, 2013

So what are you waiting for? Let's Flip!

Flipping the Classroom is about becoming efficient at the delivery of the content so that you can use more class time to focus on activities. Activity based learning requires the teacher to be well prepared to inspire curiosity and answer questions. The more the class is student centered the more the students will be operating in the realm of higher order thinking skills; analyzing, synthesizing, evaluating. This is how kids develop a love for learning. If the only thing that is stopping you from getting started. Stop procrastinating. Dr. McCammon's model requires little in the way of resources: the flip camera, a tri-pod, the white boards, the dry-erase markers, all purpose cleaner, a rag, a stool, and a place to put the boards so that you can slide them. Here is a picture that shows my set-up.

Here is a video where he shows how to build a stand so that you can film at home.