Monday, July 29, 2013

Today at HGRESA, we had 50+ new teachers attend our induction program. These teachers are from most of our 10 school systems. What an exciting, energized group!

During this day, among many subjects, they attended a session on Flipping the Classroom. I introduced them to Dr. Lodge McCammon, a professor at North Carolina State who teaches teachers how to use flip cameras (or similar devices) to make one take video lectures. The purpose is to help the teacher become more efficient in the use of time. By creating these videos, the students watch them prior to the class, which allows the teacher more time for creating engaging activities during the majority of the class time. Check out this introduction to the concept.

Here is an explanation of the concept in action, by one of his teacher/students, Katie Gimbar.

On Youtube, they have a channel called Flipped Teacher Training. Go there for more information. Also, check out Dr. McCammon at his Youtube channel called pocketlodge and at

Today many of the teachers received a set of three mini whiteboards and soon the rest of the teachers will receive theirs. We will begin a cohort soon where I will be working with the teachers to help them begin adapting the Flipping the Classroom model that Dr. McCammon has created to their classes.

Dr. McCammon has created his own training sessions that you can attend. See the Heart of Georgia Facebook page at  for an entry pertaining to their next session which begins August 3rd.

more to follow soon...
Stay tuned!