Monday, June 3, 2013

Good feedback causes thinking...
Dylan Wiliam

How often do you provide feedback to your students? If you provide feedback, how much of it is ego centered (judgmental) versus instructional commentary? Do you say good job, best you have ever done, needs work, etc or do you share specific information that lets the student know why she did a good job or why the work needed more focus? Feedback needs to be often, timely, and instructional. Without it a student does not know how she is doing nor why she was or was not successful. Without the feedback, a teacher does not know how a student is or is not progressing. Take time to analyze your opportunities for feedback to students. Is it purposeful? Is it planned? Is it timely? Is it instructional?

Here are some quality books on feedback to assist:
How to Give Effective Feedback to Your Students by Susan M. Brookhart and Checking for Understanding: Formative Assessment Techniques for Your Classroom by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey.

Take time to watch this short clip of Dylan Wiliam talking about feedback in the classroom.