Thursday, May 16, 2013

The ACT:

If you are at the middle and high school levels, have you ever visited the website for the ACT?
Go to
Click on the link titled The New Act: Beyond Tests.
Watch the video and then explore.
Then go to the solutions tab...find the link for College and Career Readiness on that page look in the box at the right hand side and you will find See ACTs College Readiness Standards and See ACTs College Readiness Benchmarks
Take time to explore these.

The ACT (another day I will talk about the SAT...performance on these tests helps your school with the CCRPI in Georgia) has created an awesome website for educators to help their students prepare for college and careers. When you look at the benchmarks page, think about the performance level that they are suggesting for a student. What the ACT people have discovered is that students will often get the composite score that is required to gain entrance to a college but find that they are struggling in their chosen major. Why? Glad that you asked...because they did not look at the analysis of the scores. An accounting major who is weak in math may want to look at what is needed to boost her math understanding or consider changing majors. The standards and benchmarks can help adults advise their students.
Spend some time in this area.

Soon I will visit the Career Readiness area...but don't wait for me...Go ahead and explore...

Developing an understanding of the ACT website can help you help your students and help your schools.

Have fun learning!